White after Labour Day


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Happy Fall y’all – with today being the first day that it really feels like Fall.. Y’all know I love a good Monochromatic look so I wanted to give you some quick pointers on how to wear White after Labour Day!

1. A WHITE BLAZER – If you’re planning on wearing one in the fall, pair it with a black or grey turtleneck and skinny jeans, instead of the loose camisole and shorts you’ve been wearing it with all summer. This makes it more season-appropriate.

2. WHITE BOOTS: SO SO SO SO SO HOT RIGHT NOW! I’ve been stalking this pair (Seriously, I can’t find them anywhere!!). Play it safe with lighter denim or a bit bolder with an all black outfit!

3. A WHITE BELT: White Accessories, make it easy AF to rock it when its chillier out. Look for vintage styles that have quality leather and slight adornments for a different vibe.

4. WHITE/CREAM KNITWEAR: Knitwear is the easiest way to incorporate a lighter hue in cooler weather! Go for lush fabrics like soft wool and cashmere for a more appropriate outfit.

5. WHITE DENIM: Again.. FABRIC IS EVERYTHING! Those super thin summer jeans should be tucked away right now – same with all of your linen. For White bottoms – you want to go with structure over free flow. Stiffer cotton/poly blends and sturdy denim is the way to do it.

6. WHITE SUNGLASSES: This is when you take advantage of sun destinations/vacations! Or on the flip side, White sunglasses can look amazing with fur and parkas for a super chic apres-ski vibe.

What’s your take on White after Labour Day? Are you here for it or nah? LMK on Insta!