What to Wear to the Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix Race


what to wear to the miami formula one race?

After many years of blogging and sharing style and fashion thoughts on the internet – a random DM from a follower on Instagram, then turned into a blog post and is now THE single most popular piece of writing I have on this site!

What to wear to the Formula 1 Grand Prix?

Since the inception of the Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix in 2022 – these requests have intensified so I wanted to make a special post specifically for this race. Oddly enough, this race gets touted as the US/American race when Austin has been hosting an F1 race since 2012 – but alas, there is truly nothing like Miami!

If you’ve been here long enough, you know that Miami is near and dear to my heart. It’s a special, fun, lively place and I was absolutely feral when the news was released that Miami would be an F1 hosting city!

The Miami race is typically held early May and this year is no different! The question on all of our minds are, WTF do I wear? Leave it to me and I hope you’ll find this incredibly helpful, especially if this is your first Formula 1 race.

Formula 1 is a global race, so you’ll want to choose the right look to suit your race, which I discuss a bit more in my original blog post here. Miami is a fun and lively city so you may want to consider a bright coloured outfit that helps you stand out from the crowd yet look like you belong with ease.

As gorgeous and beautiful as Miami is, it is also incredibly hot and humid and you can easily experience massive downpours and blazing sun all in the span of an hour, lol. Feedback I heard last year said that the race was incredibly packed and full of people – F1 races are always busy and lively but in Europe it’s just not as heavily populated, esp compared to some of the pictures I saw. With that said, the right outfit, water and loads of sun protection will be your bestie, bestie!

Fabric wise – Linen, Cotton, Tweed are all great options as well for wearing race appropriate attire with enough ease, flexibility for wherever you may end up!

The goal is always polished casual for the race, comfortable shoes as there is loads of walking (esp if you’re sitting in the stands, slightly less so if you’re in the hospitality lounges), but either way heels are not a great idea – unless you’re a Wedge girl, these would be a great option!

Are you headed to the Miami Formula 1 race this year? What about other major races like Monaco, Abu Dhabi or Silverstone? Send me a message on Instagram – I’d love to connect and see what you wore!