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For the past couple of years, I’ve been attending the Monaco GP & Abu Dhabi GP with friends from overseas! It’s always such an amazing time and I would highly recommend going to the Formula 1 race (if there is one in your city) or vacationing in a city that is hosting one.

Not only is the Grand Prix a ton of fun (regardless of who wins) but it’s a great opportunity to network and level up your circle. I’ve met people from around the world of all walks of life, which is such a beautiful thing. I’m more than positive that you would enjoy yourself regardless of which city you attend. The season begins in March and ends in November – which gives you almost the entire year to experience at least one race.

One of my followers on Instagram asked me for a What to Wear to the Grand Prix and I was pleasantly surprised! All of the pictures were taken in real time, on my iPhone and was exactly what I wore during that weekend. I’ve also added in pics from previous years, to give you an idea.

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Overall, I’d say you want to keep it sophisticated and in alignment with where you are travelling to. Are you heading to the Montreal race, which is held in early June? The legendary Singapore night race or the Grand Finale held in Abu Dhabi?

Formula One usually brings out a global-minded, sophisticated, jet setter crowd and of course you want to blend in (while standing out) and while maintaining your own uniqueness as much as possible – I’d say. More often than not, the women are dressed fashionably and it’s the perfect time to bring out all of those pieces that you want to wear but don’t have the right occasion.

Formula One is the occasion!

From what I’ve gathered over the years, regardless of where you go, you want to be mindful of two things…
1/ Culture – Where are you travelling to? Be respectful of different cultures when it comes to what you pack and wear in the streets. What’s culturally acceptable (or tolerated) in Austin, Texas may not be in Baku, Azerbaijan
2/ Weather – This is huge. No one wants to be that person that clearly didn’t look at the forecast before you packed your luggage. Is it hot? Windy? Unbearable in the day but oddly breezy at night (eg. Abu Dhabi/Dubai)? Inland or near the water? All of these things can and should affect what you bring with you.

When packing for the races, I always opt for my ‘Sunday’s Best’ so to speak. I travel on the heavier side (sorry, a girl needs options!) and usually pack my sequins, satin, frills for evening looks. I like to look my absolute best during the F1 weekend – it brings the sophisticated glamour out of me every. single. time!

So even during the daytime as well as on #RaceDay, it’s a polished casual.

In Monaco, I do ensure to bring light layers and lots of white because it’s super close to the water and Monaco is synonymous with #YachtLife! As you can see in the pics, I opt for Neutrals and Nautical colours (White, Red, Blue – see the theme?) and it has never failed me. At night is where I get a bit more daring and will use a bit of colour in my evening wear.

I also pay attention to my fabrics (this is wear you take inexpensive clothes and make them look like $$$$)

Linen/Cotton blend, Tweed, Satin

These are 3 great examples of quality fabrics that you can find in any budget, buying those pieces in solid colours also makes it look much more luxe.

In addition, pack a travel steamer or Downy Wrinkle Release – regardless of what you’re wearing wrinkles ruin everything and make it look cheap. Don’t be that girl! Another final mention is handbags and footwear – there’s typically a lot of walking when you’re at races! I always recommend a light but sizeable handbag if you’ve got a few things to carry, but best to keep it super lightweight.. unless you’re watching the race on a Yacht, then by all means take it super easy!

With regards to Footwear, comfy is key!

Polished casual is the way to go as mentioned earlier because there is more walking than you think, and heels are just not ideal in that scenario. Opt for a wedge, sexy slide or a block heel to pull it all together and get through all the steps, stairs and potential cobblestones before you get to the start line!

Click here for the 2023 F1 Schedule!

Even if you’re not heading to the actual race, visiting any respective city during Formula One weekend is 1000% worth it!

The energy is incredibly contagious and the parties are top shelf.

I hope this helps you immensely! Above all, dress your best and enjoy your time. Formula 1 Races are unlike any other sporting event – it’s a busy chaotic weekend of lots of fun, anticipation, celebration and champagne!

Are you going to a race this year? If so, which one? DM me on Instagram, xxo!

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