Vintage Mickey


black bomber jacket cheapsummer denimI remember when I was student, I was obsessed with the hunt to find the best and most unique vintage pieces. Me and my boyfriend at the time would travel to different thrift shops (Value Village was our fave and the occasional Salvation Army depot) to find the best deals and rarest finds. This was back in 2007/2008 when the money was low and online shopping wasn’t as rampant for me as it is now…

black and white bomber jacketstila lipstick in besovintage mickey mouseI don’t know if it’s age or pure laziness but I do not miss that “thrill” at all. The thought of digging through endless racks of junk (let’s be honest) to find one or two pieces that I actually like and are of decent quality just doesn’t inspire me anymore.

Let’s be clear, I love vintage clothing. Like love, love, love, couldn’t-get-enough-even-if-I-tried love and I still like to mix it into my regular rotation of high-street fashions. However now I opt for curated vintage stores like Philistine where I got this sweatshirt from as well as sites like Ebay and Etsy – where I can scour through pieces quickly and painlessly.

zara croc bagblack croc handbagVintage MickeyIf you’re a regular here then you know I typically do my best to glam up even the simplest and casual pieces, so obviously this sweatshirt would be no different. I love the juxtaposition of a vintage sweatshirt and designer heels, cute no?

Do you guys frequently buy vintage pieces? Or do you prefer brand new vintage-inspired picks? Tell me in the comments below!

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Photography by Ethan Alexander