Top Motivational Podcasts for Entrepreneurs


top motivational podcasts

Happy Monday!! I’m chomping on this yummy yummy chocolate that my former 9-5 boss brought me back from Tokyo – LOL, it’s definitely stale but I think I like it better now.. White Chocolate that is ever so slightly crunchy hahaha. You guys should already know that I’m a podcast junkie!!! Seriously, I can’t get enough and I even contemplate starting my own one day. I’m such a chatty cathy – I can’t help it, I love sharing my thoughts and also learning from y’all! Who knows – maybe one day… this empire is only going to grow, not shrink 😉


I’m a big podcast fan and wanted to compile the top motivational podcasts, specifically for entrepreneurs and content creators, putting in the WERK each and everyday!

5) The Tim Ferris Show
The Tim Ferris Show is actually the first podcast I ever listened to, back in 2015 when I was commuting for work at least 1 hour a day; I love how in-depth he goes with his interviews and he’s incredibly thorough with asking questions. He is basically trying to create the longest list for life-hacking and I can definitely dig it.

4) The Gary Vee Audio Experience If you don’t know who Gary Vee is..pause this and go check him out (seriously – he is that important!!). Gary and I have had a long relationship, which typically happens with his fans. He is the ultimate social media guru. Regardless of your industry, size, niche etc etc Gary is the man and he’s actually had the success to back it up. Gary gives no BS talks about doing the fucking work and having aggressive patience – love him.

3) The MFCEO Project by Andy Frisella
I’ll be honest, sometimes I don’t even know why I like this podcast as much as I do. Andy is brash, curses like a sailor and gives many unpopular opinions on his podcast, The MFCEO Project – which absolutely stands for The MotherFucking CEO (which he says in eeeeeeeevery intro haha!). He has a co-host, which I feel like brings minimal value to the show with the exception of keeping the show on track if and when Andy goes on tangents lol. Truthfully, I love the grit of this podcast – it’s rare. I love the fact that he swears and just says whatever he feels and you’re either on board or not (zero sweat of his back and he makes it known). I also like the fact that he’s put in serious werk and has a very successful business and strong brand to back that shiiiiit up.

2) How I Built This by NPR NPR is podcast royalty so obviously whatever they put out is going to be solid gold.. but for me – this is their best venture. The interviews are always done so well, they never drag on too long and always get to the point of how ventures were created yet humanizing them and leaving you satisfied and always inspired. My fave episodes would be the SOUTHWEST AIRLINE episode with Herb Keller and the KATE SPADE episode with Andy & Kate Spade – both so so so good and inspiring!!!

1) The Myleik Teele Podcast
MYLEIK MYLEIK MYLEIK! I love her. She is the definition of #blackgirlmagic. But make no mistake – there is no luck involved. It’s all about the work.. 365, 24/7, before Instagram and before whatever comes next! Myleik keeps is very real, sometimes the truth can sting or you see your own fuck ups in what shes addressing. BUT that’s what I love – I love how honest she is. She’s also an avid reader and gives such great recco’s. Occasionally she will have guest interviews but her strength is definitely when she’s on the mic solo.


The James Altucher Show
A bonus pick just cz I love y’all oh so much! James Altucher is another OG podcast that I read when I was first getting into them. James is another “deep diver” when it comes to interviews. He’s always quick to speak from his own experiences and never glazes over his failures – his authenticity on the times in his life when he felt the worst and the most depressed is when you really feel connected with him. Just note, he interrupts a lot in his podcasts haha.. BUT it’s only because he wants very specific advise and answers from his guests and I can really appreciate that.

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