Top 5 Hand Creams


the best hand creams

I am insane when it comes to keeping my hands moisturized – Having dry hands drives me insane (seriously). I’ll go as far as not washing my hands (depends) unless I have moisturizer around! Gross right?! I can’t help it!! Anywho, here are my top 5 hand creams!!

1) L’Occitane – 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream

2) Pacifica Beauty – Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter (Technically not a “hand cream” but so so so incredibly nourishing and worth adding to the list! This scent is my fave but the others are great also.)

3) Jack Black – Intense Therapy Hand Cream

4) Lancome – ‘Absolue Hand’ SPF 15 (A splurge but so damn worth it! Has SPF 15, helps with age spots and has anti-aging properties!)

5) Hand Chemistry, Intense Youth Complex Hand Cream

Do you have a fave hand cream? If so, which is it?!?!