10 Things To Carry With You When You Fly


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Here are the top 10 things that you need to carry with you, when you’re flying…

1// Pen
It may seem incredibly obvious but don’t be that person! You should always have a pen when you’re flying, for custom forms and anything else that may come up. It’s better to have your own than annoy your Flight Attendant and ask for hers/his.

2// USB Cable
A lot of aircrafts nowadays have USB ports right at your seat, whether you’re sitting in First-Class or the tight economy seats next to the washroom. It’s a great use of your time to charge up your devices and use them at the same time. It’s safe to say that whenever and wherever you’re traveling to, a USB cable is something important to have at close reach.

3// External Battery
This goes hand in hand with the USB cable that I mentioned above. When I spent 3 weeks in Europe this past Summer, one of the many things that saved me was having an external battery! When you’re using public wifi, Uber, Google Maps etc your battery can and will die a quick death. Having an external battery kept me charged up and made me feel safe that I could roam freely while remaining connected.

4// Eye Mask
This is something that I am a bit iffy on. I personally don’t own an eye mask, but I know a lot of people that love and need one when they’re traveling. Eye masks give me personally, a bit of paranoia but it can be a great item for someone who has a hard time falling asleep, if there’s a lot of light/distraction around them. Not only is it easy to carry, it can also aide in how quickly you turn down and can be incredibly relaxing.

5// Noise Cancelling Headphones
Planes are super loud, not to mention passengers. If your flight is short-haul or international, it’s wise to always have some noise cancelling headphones/earbuds in your carry on luggage, so you can zone out peacefully and get some sleep if you want to.

6// Travel Pillow
I make it a point to always choose a window seat if I can (ie. If I don’t have to pay extra to choose my seat), so that it’s somewhat easier to fall asleep by leaning in between my seat and the window. However, if I don’t have that option – I opt for a travel pillow! Not all pillows are created the same, so be mindful of quality when purchasing and remember they’re really only crucial on flights where you intend to sleep, but can make a world of difference in your quality of sleep and how you feel once you wake up!

7// Blanket and/or Thick Socks
Like I mentioned above I’m totally #TeamWindowSeat – however, one of the downsides with sitting at the window (and especially in the exit row) is that it becomes a lot cooler in those spots once the aircraft has reached it’s desired altitude. Regardless of the season and the weather in either locations, a blanket or a pair of cozy socks will help keep your internal temperature warm when you’re above the clouds.

8// E-reader or A Book
This one is pretty obvious and goes without saying – you’ll need something to keep you entertained during your travels, especially if you forgot your USB cable and/or external battery. An electronic reader helps save on space and allows you to carry multiple novels in case you get a bit bored on the flight. Don’t make the mistake of carrying multiple novels – choose one for the flight and leave the rest in your checked luggage. Need suggestions? Here’s a couple of books that are tried and true… here, here, here and here!

9// Pain Reliever
Between the constant pressure changes, the call buttons going off, the undesirable whiff from the restroom and the baby crying in the seat behind you – it’s always wise to have some pain reliever close by, if not for yourself but to release your fellow neighbour of some discomfort.

10// Hand Cream
Airplane soap can be incredibly dry and stripping to the skin, keep your digits hydrated and soft with a quality hand cream. Go for an unscented version to be kind to your fellow passengers.

Did I miss anything? What is your must-have when you’re flying? Tell me in the comments below!

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