Top 10 Beauty Products for June


must have beauty products

June is over folks and we only have two months left of Summer (womp womp), but never fear that does not stop our summer shopping obsession (the warm weather brings out the best in us, doesn’t it?) and here are some of my top 10 beauty products for June and some of my favourites for the Summer! Ps. I am lusting over this jumpsuit, even though it reminds me way too much of Fall (insert groans here).

1) For when you’re headed out in 30+ degree weather and your dark spots and blemishes won’t let you be great // 2) For when you’re looking to be gorgeous and pretend that your mane woke up like this // 3) For when you want to pretend that you just returned from Dubai, Monaco or Cinque Terre // 4) For when you want to look 23 for a couple more years // 5) For when you’re looking to glow from within, rather than looking like a total grease ball // 6) For when you’re looking for the perfect pout // 7) For the mornings when you had a bunch of laughs and too much Perrier Jouet // 8) For when you need to wash off the day and start anew // 9) For when you’re on the run and need to remove and restart // 10) For when the humidity weighs down your hair, and your roots need a push-up bra

Anywho, these are also some great products if you’re on the go or will be heading off somewhere glamorous real soon! For the Summer overall, you want beauty products that are multi-purpose and can help you in a pinch, from day to night, from coffee shop to martini bar, from Tod’s to Louboutin’s. Stay tuned for my own Summer beauty must-haves and shop this list down below!

Happy Tuesday babes and (as always) thanks for stopping by!