Tips for traveling alone for the first time



traveling alone
For 2016, I want to provide much more travel content in both video + text, sharing my travels and giving tips/tricks/hacks! As I prepare to leave for my 10 day stint in Portugal later tonight (so excited).. I wanted to give some tips for those traveling alone for the first time! I get asked ALL of the time if I’m crazy and/or scared lol, no not crazy but yes scared. I won’t lie, I do get nervous each time I travel alone and this trip will be no different as for the first time, I won’t speak the local language.

If you remember last year, I spent time in France and the UK – both of which were slightly less nerve-wracking because I speak fluent English and Intermediate French. Well folks, I do not speak a lick of Portuguese so I am definitely accepting all prayers hahaha. I plan to spending all of my time in more central areas and I’m hoping (desperately praying) that natives/locals are English-friendly.. not like some cities, *cough* Istanbul *cough*

– Be A Liar
No one needs to know everything! While you shouldn’t be perpetually paranoid when you’re traveling, it is wise to know that not everyone means well. It’s okay to wear a fake wedding ring, mention a boyfriend who is traveling with you, speak on the phone to no one when outside late at night, turn down help to carry your bags or turn down a cocktail etc. Enjoy your time but remain aware!

– Buy Travel Insurance
This goes without saying, seriously. Travel insurance is so so so important – it could be something small like a bite that has turned into a weird rash or a broken limb etc. Double check your benefits that are offered through your employer and find if you’re covered and also what the coverage consists of – if not, top up with external providers like Blue Cross.

– Top Up Your Cellphone Plan
Don’t be that person that’s constantly relying on WiFi to stay connected – not every country and city has an abundance of WiFi like in the United States, so it’s best to spend a little bit extra to ensure your data will work worldwide.

– Use Cash and Credit
It’s wise to spread the wealth and not have all of your financial eggs in one bucket. In some countries, cash is the preferred option however there is nothing like plastic to get you out of most binds – especially when dealing with accommodation and transportation.

– Send Friends and Family Your Itinerary
I always send it to my mom and my BFF and you should regularly check in via text and phone at least once a day. Update your social media and without giving away private information – let others at home know you’re safe and sound.

– Bring Protection
A whistle, mace and sexual protection as well – depending on where your going it can be really hard to get or you might not know where, so it’s important to be mature and wise. Protect every ounce of you – always.

– It’s Totally Okay If You Feel Lonely
Traveling alone is so inspiring and beautiful in so many ways, but it will also force you to get used to silence, at some point. It’s totally okay to feel lonely or even a bit bored at times (it’s natural, especially if you’re day to day life is very social) but the most important thing is to not let the feeling linger for too long and instead embrace the question of what you want to do next.. The moment you head home you will miss your time away, so live in the present!

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