The Best Jeans on ASOS


I love denim! Absolutely adore and I’m so happy that you can get quality pairs for under $100 easily, back in the day that was simply not possible.

The best jeans and of my fave brands are on ASOS – even if you’re a Topshop lover, I think I can convert you! I’ve listed the best jeans on ASOS by style with descriptions so you know what shape you’re looking for!


The ‘Rivington’ denim is a SUPER high rise – very similar to the ‘Joni’ style from Topshop. I used to love very high rises but TBH I now find them a tad bit uncomfortable, lol; Unless I’m wearing some sort’ve crop top (similar to the model). It also has a skin-like fit, concealed zipper fly and typically has pockets on the butt!


The ‘Farleigh’ is very high rised as well, but with a looser fit. I would say a hybrid between a straight leg and a skinny leg – with a comfy knee as well! These don’t have as much stretch (1%) so if you’ve got a big butt, you might want to size up and get them altered! (Totally worth it though).


The ‘Ridley’ denim is a soft high-stretch denim with a SKINNY fit. Higher rise, a lifted butt and usually a zip fly with enough stretch! Much more comfy if you’re eating a full meal lol than the Rivington, I think!

Have you ever purchased denim from ASOS before? What’s your favourite high street denim store? As always, tell me on Instagram!