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10 best photo apps for instagram

These are the apps that I use regularly and find the MOST value in!
FACETUNE (1 & 2)
Classic app – the second one isn’t as good as the first one and a must-have for any selfie/beauty content creator. My favourite features are details, smooth (obvi), whiten (a must for your teeth!).

Snapseed is owned/created by Google and does not disappoint! This app intimidated me for years and I had it for a long time and never used it. If you’re super new/confused when it comes to photo editing – I highly recommend watching some Snapseed tutorials because it IS so good and gives you a TON of capabilities but only if you know how to use it.

This is a great intro to presets and having a cohesive feel with an artistic flare and one that is extremely on-trend right now on Instagram! Tezza is definitely the OG of the preset game and while most of this app is paid, there are 3 free presets that you can use and play around with to get started.
*This is a picture edited with the Tezza app, using the FRESH filter!*

Afterlight is a general photo adjusting app but it’s unique feature is having really cool instant film and light leak filters.

I love Darkroom – this is an app I’ve had for a loooong time and when I do odd purges, I never get rid of it. There’s a lot of features I like but my favourite one is being able to reduce/enhance the hue, saturation & luminance for specific colours… and it’s actually good at it! A lot of apps give you that capability but the quality is crap. Also, Darkroom gives you the ability to adjust the Foreground & Background to your pics which is amaaaaazing!

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Adobe Lightroom is ideal if you love Lightroom on your desktop and would like a mobile version. It’s also necessary if you’re buying pre-made presets as this allows you to import on your phone.

VSCO is a classic and always included in posts like these. It’s a great way to “ever so slightly” make adjustments to photos and has SO many filters to choose from – you’ll definitely find the vibe that you’re looking for.

This is the newest app to my phone and I’m SO glad I have it. It’s basically the ability to remove things from pictures which can be super hard (& sometimes impossible) if you’re not on

Ultralight is great for 360 color editing but also for a grain/film effect! It also gives you great movement to adjust Midtones, Highlights, Whites in an easy way.

This is a paid app but well worth the money – this takes your iPhone camera to the next level and it’s definitely an app that I don’t use nearly enough. If you are someone who is highly dependent on iPhone photography – pro camera is worth the investment!

This is a bonus app and SO not necessary haha, but if you love the vintage film effects that’s a bit moodier/cool toned.. download Huji! I used this when I was in Colombia and it gave such a vibe to my pics – loved it.
*This is a picture edited on Huji*

What am I missing from this list? What are your favourite apps? Tell me on Instagram

10 best photo apps for instagram


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