Summer in Toronto


Summer in Toronto is officially over! Well.. according to ‘Passy Pete’ we have 6 more weeks left before Autumn starts (seriously, who TF comes up with these things?! LOL).

summer events in toronto
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I’ll just judge the weather by the way it feels outside and YEAH, Autumn is coming in early with guns blazing people but seriously, this isn’t about the weather (even though, when isn’t it?). This is about some of the bomb ass things to do in Toronto during the Summer season so let’s bid adieu to Summer in Toronto with some of my fave things down below…

Peeks Toronto Caribbean Festival aka Caribana
Shakespeare in High Park
TD Toronto Jazz Festival
Toronto oozes food festivals as soon as there is a little bit of Sun out! Taste of Italy, Vegan Food and Drink Festival, Taste of Lawrence, Summerlicious, Beer Festival, JerkFest, Toronto Ribfest ..just to name a FEW!

If you’re a local – what’s your favorite part of Summer in Toronto? If you’re a visitor, how did you spend your time? As always – tell me your thoughts on Insta!