Skinny Jeans & Long Layers


graffiti outfit toronto

A little bit cool, a little bit edgy, a little bit sexy
garage clothing

I won’t lie to you; Bustiers can be pretty freakin’ intimidating. They leave little to the imagination and the ad campaigns are always some beautiful girl with hair down to her knees in a Cornflower or a Lavender field. Cue to the dirty, gritty back alleys of Queen St West and here I am!

While I may have clipped in a couple of extensions (shhhhh) to achieve the long tresses … a size 0 I am not. Which is why I always pair this Bustier from Aritzia with my comfiest pair of high-waisted denim from Garage, so that I feel much more like myself and not like I’m doing a failed attempt at being the girl in the field, in addition to feeling way more confident.

black loose drape jacket

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Confidence is key in every single outfit, even when you may not love yourself on the outside. If you’re still not feeling completely 100% – just buy it in Black. Black makes everyone look and feel so much better.

Love ya lots and thanks for reading!