Short-Haul Beauty Essentials


Whether you’re jetting off on a European city break this summer or planning a weekend away at the English seaside, if you’re heading off on a short-haul trip, multi-tasking products and space-saving solutions are always at the top of our beauty packing list. Keeping your stash light and hand-baggage-friendly requires a good measure of self-control and a mix of tried and tested minis so you can still look and feel your best with minimal kit in tow. Discover the game-changing, travel-friendly beauty buys we’re loving that will make packing for your next mini break that little bit easier…

flight essentials

Wet Ones

This one truly goes without any explanation! While I’m not a huge fan of hand sanitizers (washing your hands is much better for you), Wet Ones are essential in my carry-on. I buy extras of the small travel packs and keep them in my suitcases, so even if I forget to pack it individually – they’re already stored in my luggage. Did You Know that the Stomach Flu virus can survive on a hard surface for up to 2 weeks?! That’s madness. Aircrafts go through a TON of people daily so as soon as I sit down – tray table, arm rest, seatbelt and the TV all get a swift wipe.

Makeup Wipes

I know I know I know! Makeup wipes are not the same thing as washing your face – agreed. However, there maybe times where you have to board the plane with makeup. If it’s a short haul flight, it’s not necessary to wash your face ahead of time, but I also keep them on hand either way. Maybe I’ll get a bit drowsy and doze off and my eyeliner or mascara starts to smudge #notcute. Makeup wipes make it easy to change my lip on the go, remove my makeup or even clean up my liner. I love these ones from Neutrogena and again tiny travel packs make all the difference!

A (thick) and buttery hand cream

Another non-negotiable for me! I loooooathe dry hands, both on myself and on others. Supple hands are warm, welcoming and feminine. Seriously, you’ll never see me without hand cream very close by! Planes are extremely dry with recycled air and that soap is probably stripping all of your natural moisture. A good quality thick hand cream will keep your digits nice and supple – this one has been my recent go to, but I also love this one!

Lip Balm

Technically, I love a good, quality – Lip Mask! It’s just a hint thicker and lasts a bit longer. Lip masks tend to have much richer ingredients as well like Agave, Honey, Propolis (aka Bee Glue) etc. with the right binders to keep it on your lips much longer. It’s essential for a short-haul or a long haul trip.. because we know that dry lips are the absolute worst. Plus, it helps to prep your lipstick for the moment to deplane and are on to your next adventure. This is by far my go-to and this is a close #2!

Red Lipstick

You knew this would be on the list right? If you remember this post – then there’s no surprise! Red lipstick is my go-to for everyone, there’s literally no exception or situation where it doesn’t work and travel is not exempt babe. It’s a super easy way to look polished and put together and it should definitely be on hand when you’re travelling. Toss a matte option in your purse, if you’re a bolder gyal or a sheer version if you’re a bit more low-key, and away you go!

Dark Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the easiest way to look put together with the least amount of effort. I always have a large, dark pair in my handbag – esp when I’m wearing no makeup or extremely sleepy, these babies will save face!
A dark pair of sunglasses can also help for a bit of shut eye when you’re on a morning flight and those shades are wide open.

OK – What did I miss? Tell your fave beauty essentials when travelling on IG!