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White Denim Jeans
Happy Friday babes!! When it comes to White Denim, you just can’t skimp on quality because it never ends well. How does it end? With incredibly sheer denim that you can see your neon pink g-string through or worst, the tag on the inside.. all of this has actually happened to me so I speak from a place of golden truth.

I like my white jeans and frankly all of my white pieces to be completely opaque and free to wear in the day or the night. Here are some of my fave picks for quality white jeans in a variety of price points…

P.S. Don’t forget today is Earth Day! The Earth is the only home we all really have and it’s our job to take care of it for our children and children’s children, so read up on climate change and make small changes in your daily life for a maximum income on mother nature!