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denim jackets 2016
I’ll admit, when denim jackets started coming back around several years ago – I wasn’t a fan. Like quite a bit of trends, I really need to be sold on it and feel like not only will it mesh well with the style of clothing I already own but in some way it can complement it.

Yeeeears later, I finally bought one from Simons in Montreal and recently I bought this one from Forever21. My reason for both was quality, price and of course style – both look amazing on and are comfortable to wear. My next addition will most likely be a heavier fit, oversized/boyfriend style jacket ideally with some text on the back, sort’ve like this one or this one so that I can wear with slim-fitting, body-con pieces underneath.

What’s your opinion on Denim jackets? How many do you own? Tell me in the comments down below!