Red, White and Blue in the Suburbs


blue ray ban aviators

Home is love. Now, isn’t that such a great, true statement? I had some spare moments in the midst of an insanely dramatic and tumultuous week to spend some time at home, in my backyard in the midst of pure comfort and unapologetic, accepting love. It’s nice to re-charge and get centered every moment you get and that’s exactly how I felt. Life can move incredibly fast, even when we feel like it’s dragging on. When I’m at home, especially with my dearest Mommy, its always such a warm namaste moment.

blue ray ban aviatorsblue ray ban aviators
(My iphone wanted to make an appearance, what blog is complete w/o one?) What’s the best way to take advantage of feeling good, being home and in the midst of golden hour? Sneak in some snaps, obvs! Let me begin by saying that I love this sweater soOo much! OK, I realize that it’s the Summertime but the weather in Toronto & Chicago can be extremely confusing – I already touched on this here! While, it may be incredibly hot and consistent where you are (lucky, lucky gal/boy) it’s up and down where I always seem to be. Since, I’m always cold naturally a sweater or some sort of sleeves is always close by and this white, slightly crop sweater is so, so good. It’s perfect for any Summer occasion that’s taking you from day to night, or if you’ll be on the water and feel like being all Nautical-glam (my fave type of glam!).

Sweater: H&M |Denim: Zara | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Watch: Michael Kors | Lipstick: Sephora Lip Stain, #1 | Heels: Aldo | Purse: Vintage

blue ray ban aviatorsblue ray-bans aviator
Speaking of Nautical, given that I’m obsessed with this (white) sweater – it was only natural to complete the trend with these Ray-Ban’s, a bold, daring and deep red lip, my fave floral heels that is making it’s second appearance on the blog and this gorgie vintage croc purse! Outfit deets down below and be sure to shop the items (& similar ones) in the slideshow beneath!

Happy Tuesday babylove and thanks for stopping by!