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TGIF! First off, I’m so glad this work week is OVERRRRRRRRRR but I am pretty happy because I actually thought it went by really quickly. I had a shitty week so I’m pretty happy to peace it TF goodbye! It’s tough sometimes wanting to use your platform or voice for something other than what you’re known for. Everyone loves authenticity right? Yet we are inundated with facades on a daily basis and it thrives – so there has to be a market for it, right riiiight?

Anyways, I can already tell that I’m about to start rambling so I’ll quit while I’m ahead. GUESS WHAT? I filmed a YT video and it is sitting in my FCPX to be edited (dun dun dun) – for those of you who are not familiar with video editing at all, its hard AF. Well, more so tedious and a skill, like any other that I’ll have to learn and eventually (one day, please GOD) master. So yes, I’ve filmed a video and I don’t actually hate it (well, we’ll see after I’m done scrolling through it for 15+ hours) but most of all I’m excited to get this part of brand up and rolling – video suits me (or so I’ve been told) and I believe it. I’m pretty chatty and I’m really excited to start being super chatty about all things beauty, style, travel and a bit of personal development with y’all.

OK now onto the clothes…

I saw a similar outfit to this on Kahlana Barfield (#goals) and was super inspired by all of the layering. Layering is something I’m totally not good at when it comes to styling, which is weird because its a crucial part lol. Fishnets are obvi a huge trend right now and to me they look perfect styled underneath anything loose and baggy -> cue the boyfriend jeans! Honestly, BF jeans are probably one of the hardest things for me to find – THEY NEVER FIT RIGHT, EVER! I only have two pairs.. one from River Island and these ones! Also, let’s add in Mom Jeans?!?!? Someone please tell me where a slim gal with a small but prominent peach can get properly fitting Mom Jeans (I’ll love you for life). All of this mixed together with some older pieces in my closet and these amaaaaaaaazing Sam Edelman pumps (identical here) that I got off of Amazon because they don’t make them anymore (RIP DEAs).

WISHING YOU THE BEST WEEKEND EVER (seriously, love you guys!)