Nike Air Max Thea’s


Shantel May 2016 IMG_6415-Edit IMG_6433 Shantel May 2016-2
Now if you’ve been here before you know that I’m not really Miss.Casual – Honestly, I try but I don’t feel comfortable or sexy and rather uninspiring if I’m being truthful. However, on my most recent trip to Tokyo I wanted to really explore my comfort zone and I’d like to think that I kind of always am…

I was enjoying a lovely afternoon in the craziness that is Shibuya109 and came across this lovely Champion T-shirt dress and thought “Hmmm, maybe I’ll just try it on.. just to see what it looks like on.” Clearly, I loved it and this was probably my most comfortable blog shoot yet! I remember telling MikeOh man I need to shoot in sneakers more!” LOL!

Naturally because I am way too obsessed with monochromatic looks – I paired the dress with these Nike Air Max Thea’s that I got from the Nike store in Harajuku. These were slightly an impulse buy.. I had been trying to get my hands on the Desert Camo and/or Carbon Green colour but to no avail so when I saw these pretty beauties on display it was an instant decision, and my feet were killing me from walking around all day so I wanted the first comfy shoes that I saw, haha!

Photography by Michael Chau

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