Nautical by Nature


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We all have specific trends, where it doesn’t matter the date on the calendar or even what season it is.. It’s consistently in rotation – for me that’s definitely the ‘Nautical’ trend. It’s probably the most frequent trend that’s ever been on SimplyShantel and I’m proud AF about that.

I can’t help it.. ‘I like what I like’.. just to quote Rae Sremmurd here haha! The combo of Red, White and Blue makes me feel chic, poised and ready for a yacht and who doesn’t want to feel like that lol? This outfit was perfect to shoot whilst sitting in Soho and soaking up the sights as part of my NYC trip.

Even though I was suffering from a crazy fever/cold during my trip, it was one of my greatest trips ever. I truly felt alive in NYC this time around – A way I really hadn’t felt before. Could it be that the weather was glorious and I was working with some amazing photographers or the fact that I got the chance to visit Red Rooster in Harlem.. again (seriously, obsessed with this restaurant). I can’t truly put my finger on it but it was good.. it was fucking great.

There is very few times and places where I’ve felt ‘it’ and I finally felt it in New York and for that I’m truly grateful.

Have you ever visited a place where you felt ‘It’? The vibe and the energy? Tell me!