My {travel} bucket list

It’s tough having permanent wanderlust .. I swear ever since I was around the age of 16, I was obsessed with exploring the world – convinced that there was so much going on outside of my front door and that I was meant to experience great things.

Years later, I still truly believe that and while my views have slightly changed on the world – traveling is still a huge part of my life and it will continue to be in the future. Having goals is a wonderful thing for every aspect of your life, including the fun stuff!!

So check out my {travel} bucket list below, as well as what I use to capture the best memories while awat and be sure to tell me in the comments – Where is on YOUR list…?

lineN O R T H  A M E R I C A
COLORFUL CONEY ISLAND NYC Canada {Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax, Montreal, P.E.I., Nunavut}
Jamaica {Kingston, Montego Bay, Negril, Spanish Town, Port Antonio, Blue Mountain, Ocho RiosSaint Ann’s Bay}
Saint Barths
United States {New York City, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles, Malibu, San Francisco, New Orleans, Washington D.C., Orlando, Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, Miami, Florida Keys, Honolulu, Maui, Chicago, Puerto Rico, Charleston, Anchorage, Atlanta, Nashville, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, The Hamptons, Myrtle Beach, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Vegas}
Mexico {Cabo, Tulum, Guadalajara, Mexico City}
Saint Maarten
Costa Rica

Cuba {Havana, Cayo Coco}

…This is my favourite camera to vlog with while away on vacation! The sound & picture quality are great and it has the ideal flip out camera so I can see myself. Check out my latest vlog here!

S O U T H  A M E R I C A
peru Brazil {Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo}
Colombia {Bogota, Cartagena}
Peru {Machu Picchu}
Argentina {Mendoza}

France {Paris, Nice, Cannes, Saint Tropez, Bordeaux, Champagne, Versailles}
Germany {Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt}
Vatican City
Spain {Madrid, Barcelona, Majorca, Marbella, Ibiza}
Portugal {Lisbon, Porto, Algarve, Azores}
United Kingdom {London, Brighton, Brixton}
Greece {Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Corfu}
Austria {Vienna}
Hungary {Budapest}
Czech Republic {Prague}
Netherlands {Amsterdam, The Hague}
Azerbaijan {Baku}
Switzerland {Geneva, Zurich, Gstaad, St.Moritz}
Russia {Moscow, Saint Petersburg}
Sweden {Stockholm}
Denmark {Copenhagen}
Italy {Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, Capri, Cinque Terre, Naples, Positano, Amalfi Coast, Portofino}
Ireland {Dublin}

…This is my preferred camera for high quality, vivid, gorgeous shots! Whether I’m on the beach or in a city – this camera can truly do it all!


A U S T R A L I A / O C E A N I A
bondi bea
French Polynesia
Australia {Sydney}
New Zealand {Marlborough}

…This is the only way to properly pack all of your toiletries! This bag can hang in any bathroom and has enough space if you love to bring everything (like me), LOL!


A S I A / M I D D L E  E A S T
China {Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai}
Indonesia {Bali, Ubud}
India {Agra, Mumbai, Goa}
Israel {Tel Aviv}
Palestine {Jerusalem}
Turkey {Istanbul, Cappadocia}
Japan {Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka}
Malaysia {Kuala Lumpur, Melaka}
Thailand {Bangkok, Ko Samui, Phuket}
Lebanon {Beirut}
Philippines {Manila, Cebu}
Qatar {Doha}
United Arab Emirates {Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Madinat Zayed}
Vietnam {Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City}

…This is the easiest way to do your makeup, haha and take great selfies and photos in dark areas. Small and easy to pack – highly recommend!


africa giraffes Egypt {Cairo, Giza}
Nigeria {Lagos, Abuja}
Kenya {Nairobi, Mombasa}
Morocco {Marrakesh, Fes, Essaouira}
Ghana {Accra}
Zimbabwe {Victoria Falls}
South Africa {Cape Town, Johannesburg}


all photos via Weheartit


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