My Favourite Candles, A New Face Oil & New Books


Have you started planning your 2019 adventures yet? Use this link to save a bit of money, regardless of where you go!

I’m planning on visiting Budapest, Gstaad & Berlin this year. Apparently, these are the best travel deals.

I posted about Neom Organics on in my stories back in December and *surprise* they’re having a sale.

I really want to try this new face oil – seems right up my alley! Plus the soothing property of Cannabis, definitely works for me.

You guys know I’m big on Audible – This book is my latest purchase and I just finished reading this one.

These concealers are ALL the rage right now.

I think the New Year prompts everyone to get organized in some way, shape or form. I want to add this into bathroom to help manage my beauty products.

Apparently, these are the best foundations for acne prone skin.

In America, these were the most popular date spots last year!

Is it too late to be buying boots? I’ve wanted these ones for so long – such a great price too!

I’ve been on a serious kick of luxury perfume lately – This one is next on my list to buy.

There’s just something so flattering about sunglasses shaped like these ones. Always works for me!

I’m super obsessed with Astrology and I feel like my love for it has been growing the past couple of years. Absolutely love this Instagram account for funny yet accurate info.

..Have an amazing & productive Monday! We’re already mid-way through January – holy crap.. I have lots of work to do, lol.