Music Mondays, vol 1


music monday
Happy Monday y’all! As I mentioned on my Facebook page, I wanted to shake things up here at Simply Shantel and share something a bit different with you all!

I am introducing Music Mondays to my rotation of content on the blog (YAYYYYYY!)

Now, I am by no means a music connoisseur but music is a huge part of my life (like most people).. and it gets me through the worst of feelings, helps me celebrate the sweetest of occasions and brings out the rawest of emotions for me! I think I’ve got a pretty decent taste for music and since I love a bit of almost every genre out there, it’ll make for some interesting choices.

Each and every Monday, I will post on the blog music that I’ve been really feelin’ as of late. It could be new or older music, mainstream or indie, a single track or a mix – whateverrrr. I’m just sharing with you some tunes that I’ve been loving, dancing to, making my cry or anything else in between and hopefully introduce YOU to some new music to help you get through your week!

Corinne Bailey Rae, Stop Where You Are (Her original sound is back.. in love)
Blonde & Craig David, Nothing Like This
Allen Stone, Unaware (“..Everyday, taxes increase. So is this our land or is this our lease?”)
Kygo ft. Parson James, Stole The Show
Britney Spears, Touch of My Hand
As always, I love to hear from you guys! So be sure to tell me in the comments what you think of my choices orrrrrr some picks you have for me!