Missguided Camel Midi Skirt


missguided camel midi skirt IMG_8057-2 IMG_8056-2 IMG_8041-2 IMG_8040-2 IMG_8036-2 IMG_8035-2 IMG_8034-2 IMG_8032-2

Guys, I am so excited that I am actually posting an outfit entry! I feel like it’s been years since I’ve shot any new content. I trimmed my hair and put some Blue/Green colour in it for a nice Balayage – tryna juice up my dark hair without going lighter obvi.. #DarkHairIsLife 😉

You’ll notice the pictures are also really different than most of my other content, IDK I just wanted to tweak them differently wanted it a bit more “raw” for lack of a better term. I hope you like it, I don’t know if the pictures will stay this way but as I progress I really like to try different things and see where it goes!

Anywho, this outfit came together very randomly to be honest – a cropped shirt and a long skirt, super simple and pretty much works with different colours and textures. I’ve had this Missguided Camel Midi Skirt for a long time after being inspired by BeautybyJJ and bought it immediately after I saw it on her and in this colour too.

The white cropped blouse (similar here) is actually from Forever21 and I bought it for my most recent trip to Jamaica but sadly the mosquitoes were too violent out there and with the ever-reigning threat of the Zika virus, I just decided to stay mostly covered.

I can’t help that it can be roughly 32 degrees but I’ll still wear suede (in any form). Suede is so luxe and I feel that it completes an outfit in a very distinct way, different than patent or kid leather. These pumps are one of my absolute faves because they’re good quality, comfortable and a reasonable height (high enough to be sexy, but low enough to properly walk around in). I plan on buying them in Black, this colour and this timeless hue to complete my collection.

What about y’all? Do you wear suede in the summa or do you stick with lighter textures to match the temps? Let me know in the comments!