Minimalist & the Stylestalker Distressed Tee


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This is the first time and won’t be the last, that I mention my attempt to minimize my wardrobe, moving forward. I won’t get too in-depth just yet, but lately I have been feeling the strong urge to streamline the way my closet looks and most importantly, feels. I have a terrible habit of shopping on impulse… When I’m right, when I’m wrong, when I’m up and definitely when I’m down. The more you buy, the less you appreciate what you already have and that statement has never been more true than in my own wardrobe.
It’s essentially the equivalent of going grocery shopping when you’re absolutely starving and buying everything in sight, on the assumption that you’ll eat it all later. A messy space usually equals a messy mind and a messy mind will always transcend to a messy heart. Some believe that a cluttered space equals a brilliant mind, but I’ve been that person and rarely does it ever equate to greatness.

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The joy, bliss and charm that comes with being a entrepreneurial twenty-something is considerate. Nevertheless, where there is joy there is certainly pain and after sun comes the rain (LOL, #MotherGoose). So in an ambitious effort to Marie Kondo-ize and sprinkle some minimalist fairy dust over my life, I’ll start with what I know… Clothes! I’ll keep you all posted on my journey of #purchasingwithpurpose – and keep me updated as well, if you’re streamlining any areas in your own life by using the hashtag on Twitter & Instagram!

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However, one thing that won’t change is my taste in Make-up and my purchasing habits. Despite popular belief, I am very discerning and critical to any and every purchase I make with regards to cosmetics/skincare. I am much less susceptible to hype and over-sensationalized products so I tend to make great choices.
My maximalist attitude, when it comes to Make-up also will give me so much comfort in the way I dress and my overall look; A simple T-shirt, shorts and flats go from 10-100 with a Full-Coverage, Highlight/Contour and Red lip ensemble!

celine black sunglassesSunglasses | T-Shirt | Shorts (Similar – herehere and here) | Boots (Similar – here and here) | Lipstick | Photo

…but anyways, I’ve been rambling! Let me know in the comments below – Which area of your life would you like to Tidy-up?

Thanks for stopping by and reading!