Metallic Military


ralph lauren military jacket
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Ralph freakin’ Lauren. Let’s just end the blog post right there, shall we? When I saw this jacket/blazer at HBC, I knew I had to have it. Truthfully, it sounds incredibly cliche.. “Girl has a Fashion moment” but seriously, it was on one of the mannequins and I said to myself, regardless of price – it’s mine. That’s when I know, I’m in love!
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Military-inspired clothing, Double-breasted blazers and coats have always been in my must-haves – even though I am quite busty and any fashion stylist would slap me on the wrist and say no – I can’t help but loving it anyways. I love the tailored feel and the sharpness of the cut.. it always makes me feel incredibly “done-up” and classier than I intended to feel.. sort’ve like the feeling when you put on false lashes, red lipstick or high heels.
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Paired with these flared trousers that are equally comfortable and trendy, this handbag that has been my go-to for a couple of months now and these aviators that I can’t live without (similar here)! Let’s not forget the song and dance on my feet.. L/S Zara booties (major dupe here) that are incredibly YSL-inspired.

What trend/style instantly makes you feel better when you wear it?