Maxi Dresses for Weddings


red and green floral maxi dressrose floral maxi dress

dark floral maxi dressred floral maxi dress

Happy Monday loves! I absolutely refuse to speak about Fall/Winter just yet – I feel like *every* style blogger is way too excited for Fall and Pumpkin Spice Lattes but not me!! LOL, I’m sorry – I’m Canadian so I really, thoroughly and WHOLEHEARTEDLY appreciate the Summertime!


This post is not about the weather lol (even though, it’s like always about the weather, y’know?). Wedding season is still definitely upon us, how many of you guys are going to Weddings in Sep/Oct? There not as popular here in Toronto (..because weather) but still poppin’ nonetheless. Truthfully, I want to make a statement at a wedding but not too much because as a guest I do believe in a bit of etiquette in not attempting to ‘steal the show’. I want to look beautiful and bask in the celebration, yet be comfortable because Weddings and Receptions are incredibly lengthy and you want to feel like your most glamorous self all day long.

formal maxi dresswindsor store maxi dress

This Formal Maxi Dress from Windsor Store, seriously checks all of my boxes. Beautiful, long-sleeved yet breathable and sexy!

This dress makes the perfect statement whilst being respectful to most Wedding customs and to a potential Bridezilla (do people still say that lol?). Check below for some of my absolute fave maxi dresses for weddings! Are you attending any weddings for the rest of the season? Tell me here!