Le Petite | Toronto


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It’s the first second of the moooooonth… *cue Bone Thugs* – I mean you can’t begin a new month without paying homage to that song, can you? I mean I definitely can’t. We have less than 60 days until the end of this year! My impulse shopping can be on fuego sometimes, I saw this sweater and didn’t even think twice – it’s so cute! I’ll ignore the fact that its grammatically incorrect in French (it should be ‘La’ not ‘Le’). It’s still super cute and the sky blue colour is gorgeous – perfect contrast to the colder temps we’ve been having in Toronto and the influx of Red, Orange and Burgundy.

ps. Can we ignore the massive, bolder veins that are on my feet?! Seriously, I get them from my dad and I am so self-conscious about them haha – once I master smoothing on Lightroom, they’ll be gone LOL!

Sunglasses | Sweater (Available in Gray too!) | Denim | Sandals (Similar here) |
Lippie (A mix of this, this and this) | Foundation (A mix of this and this – in love!) | Highlighter | Contour