How to Save The Bees


Believe it or not, honeybees are SO much more than summer pests. Actually, we as humans rely so much on bees that it’s both a beautiful and intimidating fact.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of La Maison Simons for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Believe it or not, honeybees are SO much more than summer pests. Actually, we as humans rely so much on bees that it’s both a beautiful and intimidating fact.

Simply put, WE NEED BEES. 

So frequently, fashion is smeared as vain and selfish industry but, as someone who has been apart of the fashion industry and over the past 10+ years, I can tell you that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Simons (yep, the amazing French Canadian dept store) has partnered with Alvéole, a Canadian company that promotes beekeeping in urban environments, to do their part in both helping to save the global honeybee population and spread the good word on how important these beautiful creatures are to the human experience.

Honey bees are pollinators and here is a snapshot of the utterly amazing things that they do…
– Provide food and cover for wildlife
– Produce ⅓ of our food supply by giving us countless fruits, vegetables, and nuts
– Provide ½ of the world’s oils, fibers (such as the cotton used to make clothes), and other raw materials

OH, and help to produce the oxygen that we breathe. NBD (!!!)

When Simons reached out to partner for the collection that they created for their TWIK department called BEE THE CHANGE, I had zero hesitation.

Simons will work in tandem with Alveole to install hives on the roofs of three of their stores (Old Quebec, Mississauga & Laval) at the beginning of the summer to help increase honey production, raise awareness (especially within urban areas) and to improve pollination in cities!

How beautiful is that? A safe and protected space for honey bees!

The Bee the Change Collection line will donate $8.00 for every item purchased to help fund/maintain the program. Super simple – Make sense, be the change and learn more here!

In addition to shopping through this stunning collection – here are some quick ways that you can help #SAVETHEBEES…

Do not use any pesticides/fungicides/herbicides on plants or in your garden. Also, make sure the plants you buy are not pre-treated with pesticides either.

Contribute to your community by buying local + raw honey from your local beekeepers. An easy way to do this is to check out farmer’s markets where you can likely talk to beekeepers themselves and inquire on their sustainability practices.

Plant your garden with native and bee friendly plants. Great examples are lavender, sage, mint, lily of the valley, calendula and California lilac’s just to name a FEW!They provide great sources of nectar and pollen (both food for the bees and butterflies, by the way).

With all that work these lil hustlers are doing – they’re bound to get THIRSTY! Even as a condo dweller – you can put a little water basin outside (or in your garden) that they can drink from!

Most importantly, educate yourself (& your friends, family, neighbours etc) on bees. They love flowers – not human flesh – and we owe them so much for their presence on Earth!

Were you aware of the crisis facing the honey bee population? Did this blog post make you re-think a couple of things? Let me know, I’d love to chat!


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