How to pack for hot weather


How many times has this happened to you.. You’ve finally reached your destination, you’re ready for the White, sandy beaches of Jamaica or perhaps you’ve arrived in the middle of smoggy Kuala Lumpur. You’ve packed well, with a flurry of gorgeous pieces that you’ve been waiting to rock on vacation – or so you thought. Only to find out that 24-48hrs into your vacation you can barely stomach the thought of those beautiful jeans, that gorgeous blouse or your stunning maxi dress. It’s hotter than hell and you’re dying inside. Packing for <incredibly> hot weather can be paradise tough, what do you bring and most importantly, how do you look stylish and take great pictures without wearing the same white romper cz you’re too hot to wear anything else? Humidity (think Singapore, Jakarta etc.)  and dry heat (think Kuwait, Cairo etc.) are very different and can drastically change your clothing options, so we’ll discuss both..

cannes beach

Humid, Hot + Sticky Weather

There is a reason why when you’re shopping in the summer, clothes feel a lot lighter and look brighter. Cotton, Linen and Chambray are some of my favourite Summer time fabrics, not only do they pack well and usually come in an array of colours, sizes and shapes – they also pack great and dry easily which is essential in incredibly hot weather. You’re most likely to slap on pieces after lounging at the pool, all of which you want to be as breathable as possible. Silk is also on this list, but tread with caution – not all Silk is built the same and Silk can also be <slightly> insulating – so stick to the 3 mentioned above to avoid any hiccups or massive pit-stains! Also, absolutely no polyester – ugh!

K.I.L. – Keep it loose! There is no point in attempting to bring all of the skinny outfits you own because you either won’t wear or you’ll end up regretting in. Play it smart when it comes to muggy climates and let your body breathe by packing pieces that’ll give you the option. Bring your more fitted clothing (again, nothing skinny tight) for after sundown when the weather might go down a couple of degrees.

Here are some great pieces for incredibly humid weather…
1, 2, 3, 4, 5

dubai sunset


Dry, Hot + Parched Weather

Keeping in mind everything mentioned above is essential for comfort during the daytime! Being in the midst of dry heat, you will <sometimes> feel like you can’t breathe as comfortably and staying hydrated is really important. Ask anyone who’s ever been to Arizona or Las Vegas in middle of July or August! The Sun is incredibly strong, but the caveat is that once it starts to go down the weather changes rather quickly, thus having a versatile and flexible yet stylish wardrobe is crucial.

Typically, in a drier climate once the sunset has begun – the temperature starts to drop, sometimes it can be a big difference (10-20+ degrees!), which allows you to bring out all the heavier pieces that you’ve wanted to rock all day but Mr.Sunshine wouldn’t let you. Keep it stylish and still comfortable by throwing a Blazer on over a Dress, Crop Tops, Silk Blouses/Tunics and of course, Jewellery!

Here are some cute pieces for a Drier climate here…

Finally, don’t forget your Accessories! In addition to some jewellery for when the sun goes down, a chic hat and a pair of swank sunglasses will go far and help to pull everything together! The great thing about accessories is that they enhance your look without trying too hard.

I hope this helps you on your travels and let me know in the comments down below what are your essentials for travelling to hot climates!