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This post is in partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond, a brand I love. All opinions here are my own.

Guys, let’s face it.. As happy and cheerful as the holidays are, they can be incredibly stressful! Not only for the hostess but for the guests as well! I partnered with Bed Bath & Beyond to create a bit of Holiday inspiration for you regardless of which side of the coin, you fall on this Holiday season!

As a guest, Bed Bath & Beyond is an incredible “one stop shop” for finding gifts, not only for everyone on your Christmas list but also hostess gifts for every Christmas party, Holiday Feast or NYE Countdown you attend.

Oggi Copper Plated Dial A Drink Cocktail Shaker

C’mon now, its 2017 and wine is a snoozefest as a gift – so why not be a bit out of the box and gift your hostess with items like a Pineapple Tumblr w/Straw or an Oggi™ Copper Plated Dial A Drink™ Cocktail Shaker? The cocktail shaker is a personal fave of mine, because it has the most common drinks listed on the side WITH the ingredients! Perfect for any drop in guests and appealing to everyone. Plus that Copper/Rose Gold is definitely #InstagramGoals

As a hostess, I absolutely LOVE gifting myself during the Holidays. Can you even avoid it? It’s hard to pop into shops like Bed Bath & Beyond, stare at a list a mile long and not think of what you can treat yourself with as well. That’s totally fair right, LOL?

These STUNNING Stemless Champagne Flutes in Gold Luster make me feel so classy and chic, that I’m literally floating on Cloud Nine (& taking endless selfies) before my guests arrive…
simply shantel holiday selfiestemless champagne flutes

I know we’ve been seeing Whiskey stones on the like for Gift Guides for yeeeears, but Whiskey has a huge trend for Women lately and one that YOURS TRULY has jumped on. I’ve been easing in slowly but I am proud to say that I’ve found a bit of my groove. Naturally, a gift like the Final Touch® 3-Piece On the Rock Glass with Stainless Steel Chilling Ball and Tongs Set is suuuuch a great idea! You simply ‘pop the rock’ in the freezer for a couple of hours and it chills your drink without diluting it. Whether you’re hosting 5 or 50, a (stiff) apertif at the end of night is always necessary, and nothing quite does the job like a perfectly chilled spirit.
whiskey stones

The in-store and online shopping experience (especially curated category shops) make Bed Bath & Beyond an unexpected place to find unique products, helping you “sleigh” the holiday with awesome gift purchases. Ultimately, you never want to show up (or host) empty handed and you don’t have to when Bed Bath & Beyond, literally has you covered for anything from Tech to Toasters!

shantel rousseau snacks 2017

..but in case, I gave you a bit too much ideas, nothing says Happy Holidays like snacks, and you can pop into your local BB&B to pick some up on the way to the party!

shantel rousseau hostess gift guide 3

I hope I was able to provide a bit of Hostess/Guest Holiday inspo for you guys! Be sure to connect w/me on Insta and let me know where you’re headed this Holiday season!