Gucci Marmont Belt Outfit


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Happy Friday everyone! I’m back with a style blog post, a little Gucci Marmont Belt Outfit inspo ;). Shot at home in Toronto in some comfy old clothes that I’ve had for a while with two new additions to my closet. Obviously, this piece has been floating ALL OVER THE INTERNET (lol!!) and I’ll admit, while the Marmont Bag hasn’t really satisfied me (only this style makes me re-consider) – the Gucci Marmont Belt however would not escape my dreams!

Photography by @RobertOkineCom

I picked this baby up at CDG in the International Departure terminal, of course saving on VAT/Taxes, while paying less because I didn’t reside in the EU AND the Sales Associate told me that Gucci will always be 20% more outside of the EU (tip of the week for ya!). So naturally I justified all of these conditions in my head to take the plunge! I had too! I was going back home after being about for 9 days, back to the grind and needed a bit of luxe to ease me back into real life (LOL, sooooo dramatic!). How did I do?