Life: Common Cold Remedies


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GUYS – I am sick as hell. LOL, no other way to put it. Hence we’re knee-deep in ‘Common Cold’ season, I wanted to compile a list of remedies not only for me but for you.. in case you join me on this side of the fence lol.

So, I wish I looked as fabulous as I do in these snaps but I am currently quite ‘under the weather’.. I returned from San Francisco on the Sunday night red-eye, landing at YYZ around 6:30am rushing home, to get ready then head to work! So needless to say, I came back with something haha! AfroTech was AMAZING, guys. I really can’t stress that enough – I will be writing a diary/wrap-up post very soon… so stay tuned!

Really stuffy? Try this…

Top foods that really help you feel better!

An amazing list of Teas that will make you feel so much better!

Can you get over a cold overnight? This says that you can!

Want a latte but you’re feeling under the weather? This recipe is for you.

What about your medicine cabinet? Here’s all the household hacks that you need!

Boost your immune system with this homemade Tea

This ‘Master Tonic’ is super popular in the holistic scene – Have you tried it?!