#CoffeeTalk – Blogger Edition, PT 2


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“What networking tips do you have for introverts?”
This was a popular question, surprisingly LOL! UMM, I would say that you need to change your mindset when it comes to networking. Don’t let the negative voices get the best of you. Everyone is nervous/awkward when meeting someone that they’ve never met before, some are just better at masking it than others.

A great way to initiate conversation is to genuinely compliment someone (love your hair, shoes, shirt, product, website etc), make a positive comment on where you are (or the weather, even though I hate that haha) or ask for their opinion on something relatively neutral (What did you think of her speech? How has your experience been so far?). Here are two really great articles from the New York Times on Tips to Having Great Conversation and How to Talk to People.

If you’re at a conference or somewhere where socializing/mingling is initiated/expected, remember that everyone is there with the same goals – to leave better than they came. Don’t forget that you are valuable and a person worth knowing!

“Did you find that doing giveaways with other bloggers was helpful in growing your account?”
Great question! There’s a hot (well, maybe a bit lukewarm now) debate on whether Giveaways/Loop Giveaways on Instagram is cheating and/or buying followers. I don’t agree with that statement at all, but to each their own. I have done giveaways in my early days and sometimes I saw success and other times it was a flat out waste of time. The waters have gotten a bit murky now with secret giveaways, loads of foreign accounts, fake sponsors etc. etc.
Would I do a group giveaway now? Maaaaybe. However, my experience is that it HAS to be with 1) A relatively small group 2-10 max and 2) Accounts that directly mimic and/or similar to yours (TBH, this is the most important thing); as always proceed with caution!

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“How do you balance attending blog events with your 9-5 schedule?”
I don’t work a 9-5 anymore (I may return, not sure as of yet) but when I did I just scheduled events around it. I lived/worked in Downtown Toronto so as long as the event was somewhere I could get to on my lunch hour (even if it was 20mins away), I would go – just to show face, introduce myself, support the PR/Brand and then leave. People have a lot of respect for those that do both but a lot of times PRs/Brands don’t know – so a simple “ahh so sorry but I have to run since I’m on my lunch break” is usually more than ok!
Also, you’ll have to prioritize a bit more, naturally. If you’re getting a lot of invites, always look at what you could gain from attending. A brand or PR rep that you want to connect with? Free product that you love and would purchase anyways? A chance to create compelling content? A unique experience that you don’t want to miss out on? Have you attended this brand/PRs events in the past? etc. Are all great qualifiers for when you’re reviewing events.
Final thought, prioritize sit downs/desksides/private events over public/press/mixer type of events (usually you’ll get better access to those in charge at a smaller more curated event).

“Who are your favourite influencers/bloggers?”
Ooof, good question! I actually follow a lot of influencers and all for different reasons and inspiration triggers. Here are some that I’ve been following for a solid while now..

@ChiaraFerragni – She is the GOAT when it comes to blogging. Major inspiration for business/life and just where blogging can take you.

@BrooklynBlonde – I simply love her style. She’s a Mom that isn’t suuuuuper heavy on the Mom content (no diss, it’s just not what I like to absorb on Instagram). She gives me major inspo for when I’m a Mother as her blend of Fashion/Lifestyle/Beauty and overall chicness is perfection.

@WeWoreWhat – Another GOAT in my opinion. Love her vintage/cool girl style and her savvy business sense.

@MelissasWardrobe – She is so funny, haha! Her feed is gorge but the real gold is on her IG stories. Keeps it 100 all of the time and her style is clean, effortless with a bit of glam! Plus she’s a London babe.

@Tezza – Simply put, her creativity is unmatched in the industry. Also, she basically created the massive trend of selling your Lightroom presets. I also love how her true personality is evident throughout her content.

@Monikh – Monikh is another London babe! I really appreciate her aesthetic. Her style is super succinct and her feed really matches (her house matches too TBH). Her eye is super crisp and I love that.

@StylePantry – Another OG blogger! I absolutely love her feed. She’s been doing it for such a long time and really just does her own thing. Bomb, classic, sophisticated outfits on her own time – a must follow for sure!

@RantiinReview – Definitely an aspirational feed, always so cool and super modern. Clean lines with a bit of minimalism but never boring!

@SomewhereLately – This is a two for one! I love these ladies. Megan & Brooke are super kind, relatable and link absolutely everything haha. They’re both Mothers/Wives but don’t OD on the parenting content, and they post everything from Fashion/Food/Lifestyle etc. They’re feed is good but they’re IG stories are my fave and they’re the originators of the famous #CoffeeTalk!

@Dominique.Baker – My boo for life! But in all honesty, I love Dominique’s feed because it’s perfectly balanced between her pretty pup, beauty and style. Dom is super personable and is always in contact with her followers – a true gem on Instagram.

@StephTaylorJackson – Steph is another gem on Instagram! Another balanced feed of attainable style, beauty and lifestyle – all while raising two boys, being a wife and working a FT gig. Seriously, if you don’t think you can do it all – follow Steph, she’ll show you!

@GoalsToGetGlowing – Vanessa is my hands down absolute favourite skincare blogger to follow. She is so incredibly thorough with her posts – she has coined the #gtggphtest in which she tests the pH level of various skincare cleansers. She works in the research field as her main gig so her commitment to A/B testing is on another level! If you love skincare and want products with results and not fluff – follow her!

“How do you start a blog? I’m a Mom of 4 kids, under the age of 6, who loves Makeup and Fashion.”
First off – Congrats! I always love when people say that they want to start a blog. I think we live in a beautiful era where we can all have a piece of digital real estate, so seriously why not? OK, so clearly time is limited at the moment, so do what you can with what you have. Don’t over-complicate things – if you’re spending time on Instagram anyways, why not contribute with your own content? Take pictures of the things you love and just get in the habit of sharing, it’s easier said than done so start with little steps and once you have mastered that, then you can build upon that. Also, we have way more time than we think in a day – eliminate TV and mindless scrolling for content creating and you’ll be amazed at how much you can squeeze in.
Good Luck xxo!

“Do you have any advice for people who want to become an influencer?”
Yes. Do it now, start it now. No you don’t need a fancy camera, or more clothes or this or that – just start creating content now with the tools you already have. You will learn more by doing than you ever will be planning.

“What is the #1 thing to being a “successful” blogger?”

The number one thing, to being a successful blogger, I believe is both consistency and perseverance. Everything else is “figure out-able” but if you really want to “make it” and do it full-time, you’ll need a healthy dose of the above. They both work in tandem and it’s really really important (and difficult) to stay consistent and persevere when it doesn’t feel good or you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere. Consistency is why people succeed, quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit – end of story.

I hope you guys enjoyed the more Business/Blogger focused #CoffeeTalk – as always, send through your questions via e-mail or DMs and I’ll answer them in the next instalment, xxo!


…aaaand done! As always, send through your questions via email or DMs on IG for the next #CoffeeTalk!