#CoffeeTalk – Blogger Edition



WOW! It’s been a while but I am back with another #CoffeeTalk – this one is ALL about the biz…

“What’s the most stressful thing about blogging and/or working for yourself?”
The most stressful thing about blogging and working for yourself is that the hustle never really stops. Like building any other traditional business, you are constantly on go mode and it takes years of unyielding dedication before it can truly become “passive full-time income”. Paid work is never guaranteed, so managing your money and staying on top of cash flow is of the utmost importance.

“Before launching your blog, what are key things you made sure to have?”
I actually didn’t have much before I launched my blog, officially and I don’t think it’s super necessary to do so. I’d have my own domain, a business e-mail, my Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest set up and then GO!
One other thing is that I’d have a pop-up box to gain E-mail subscribers from the beginning. That’s something I did early on and I’m so grateful – those will be your most loyal readers so treat them well!

“Do you consider this a business? Why or Why not because some people don’t…”
Blogging/Instagramming/Online Influencer etc is definitely a business if you want it be. Like any other field or hobby – it can be monetized if you choose to do so. I think the ignorance comes in because people don’t know enough about it, so they can’t connect the dots. However, when you’re negotiating 3, 4, 5, 6+ figure contracts – those type of opinions are the least of your concerns.

“Who was the first company to pay you for an ad?”
My very first paid partnership was this blog post, haha and it was via Vocalpoint agency in collaboration with Dick’s Sporting Goods to promote their new Women’s Athleisure section! I was so nervous but also SO excited – esp since I can say that Nike was apart of my very first paid post.

“How long does it take for you to prep for a shoot?” and “How do you plan your photoshoots for each blog?”
It depends on what type of content I’m creating, so if I’m posting organic content (anything that’s not an #ad) then it’s relatively simple. I keep outfit, pose and location inspo in my phone and will execute what makes sense and/or what makes me happy at that time. If the post is sponsored, then there’s a lot more prep work that goes into it. I triple check my creative briefs (this is what brands/agencies send you once you sign the contract – it basically indicates what they’re hoping for/guidelines for your content).
I’ll typically create a storyboard (some sort’ve organization of my ideas), which will include location, poses, angles, shots I want to capture and my outfit. Then I’ll talk with my photographer or whoever is shooting me, to strategize on the best possible outcome and to ensure that we are both on the SAME page (crucial AF). That can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple hours worth of work depending on what I’m trying to create and achieve.

“Do you enjoy networking?”
Generally, I do enjoy a networking! I don’t enjoy every single aspect of it, for example – I really can’t stand mindless small talk (how many times do we really need to complain about how cold or hot it is outside???!!!!) but I really enjoy connecting with other people – esp other women.
It’s not always easy and can frequently feel awkward/uncomfortable but the things in life that make you grow, always feel like that!

“What’s your least favourite thing about being a blogger? What’s your favourite?”
My least favourite thing about being a blogger is how you are constantly having to hustle and essentially prove your worth to get paid. The hustle is real and fun when you’re getting an immediate reward for your hard work but it doesn’t have the same joy when it’s an uphill battle. So, that’s probably my least favourite thing about it but it would be no different if I had any other type of business. Your emotions can get pretty tied up in everything really quickly and the lows can feel like they’re eternal.
My favourite thing is truly connecting with my audience (eg. When I receive a genuine comment about the work I put out) it truly makes it feel that people care about what you’re doing and want to see you win. It’s very easy to feel like you’re speaking to a vapid black hole sometimes, so positive recognition/feedback is always good. Also, being able to get paid is my faaaave thing ever, like ever. When a brand approaches you and wants to partner, it always feels like a nice pat on the back. The opportunities are truly endless when it comes to blogging and, all in all I am truly grateful for this line of work to exist and to be apart of it!


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