#CoffeeTalk v2



1// “I’m looking for a new matte foundation! It’s crucial because I work outside and need something that I can wear all day – help!”
While I don’t use matte foundations very often because I have “normal/balanced” skin – my absolute favourites are this one from Maybelline & this one from Revlon – I wore these all summer long.
I would also highly recommend this one from Estee Lauder – technically it’s not “matte” but it stays on ALL freakin’ DAY!

2// “My birthday is coming up and I want to buy something to treat myself, in and around $1k – what do you suggest?”
Happy freakin’ Birthday!! I hope you are truly enjoying yourself – whatever you’re doing. Birthdays are the best time to mindlessly indulge with zero guilt lol.. I would probably buy myself a Coat, Purse or Shoes… Since Fall is right around the corner – below is what I would buy to really celebrate another trip around the sun.. Also, a trip to the Spa (90m massage, peel and facial) work just as well!

3// “I know sunscreen is very important but I haven’t found any that I love – Which one are you using?”
I’ve struggled with sunscreens, for years lol – various issues like a white cast, a purple cast, too greasy, too dry and finally causing breakouts! Currently, I’m liking this one from Dermalogica and this one from Supergoop. I find Supergoop to be the most consistent when it comes to quality sunscreens but unfortunately, it’s not carried in Canada. This one from Tatcha is hella popular, so is this one from Shiseido aaaaaand this one from Lancome. Good luck babe – it’s such a struggle lol!

4// “I’m heading to a outdoor wedding and need something cute with sleeves but I won’t die in the heat wearing it. Odd, I know – Any ideas?”
I totally get it. I love wearing sleeves because as the day turns to night, it’s likely that the temps will cool down. Here are some cute options…

5// “I’ve heard you mention at-home skincare peels before. Which are your faves?”
Totally. I love love love peels – probably my favourite part of skincare but be careful not to over indulge because you absolutely will do more harm than good.
My absolute faves are the Dr.Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads in Extra Strength and this one from Kate Somerville. Some other great options are this one from Peter Thomas Roth and FAB Radiance peels pads (for something extremely gentle and daily).

6// “I saw that you were recently in ATL for Summit21 – it looked really fun. How do you find these sort’ve events and any suggestions on attending?”
Yes – I made the commitment to myself in 2017 that I was going to attend more conferences and being intentional about networking IRL. Summit21 is hosted by Blavity, the same site that hosts AfroTech. Honestly, I just look for conferences on Google and pay attention to the ones that may interest me in the future, or ones that look like fun. Following entrepreneurs on Instagram as well  – smart people are always looking to align with other smart people, so follow the clues.. we’re surrounded by them always. Madame Noire and xoNecole both wrote some general conferences for women to look into, and that’s a great place to start!

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