Chanel Slingback Dupes


10 chanel slingback dupes

Hi Ladies! I must say that this post is long overdue and if you follow me on Instagram, then you absolutely know why! I am in love with my Chanel slingback dupes – I’ve had them for years and even hunted down a silver/black pair on eBay just so I could have another pair (not to worry, the CHANEL pair will be added to my closet very soon!).

Now, I don’t typically chase a ton of dupes frankly because I usually prefer the originals but mostly because dupes are usually lacking in quality and one thing I’ve learned through all my years in Fashion & Beauty is you cannot skimp on quality products & pieces.

There is nothing quite like quality footwear – we put so much stress on our feet each and everyday, so it’s worth the investment for real fabrics that are breathable and mould to your lovely toes over time – that is something that “vegan” leather simply cannot do. Now, not all of the found dupes are leather based but I think in this case, it’s worth the exception!

The slingback style is so classic, effortless and works with almost every single outfit.

It’s also a fabulous alternative to flats and sneakers – especially for a city woman who’s taking the subway, often! Dress up with tapered trousers or a skater-style skirt or dress it down with jeans or even denim shorts – the outfit possibilities are endless!