CAFA Sephora After Party 2016


cafa 2016 sephora after party
In 2016 on a global scale, Canada is not yet as synonymous with Arts and Fashion like Paris, Basel or Milan is. However, most Canadians know that not only do we have a budding creative industry, we also have more than several local talents that have expanded to larger markets to not only bring awareness to their own skills but to let the world know how incredibly special and fruitful the true north is.

The Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards is a night dedicated to those specific talented individuals no matter where they are living and working in the world whether is be at a fashion atelier in London, curating an art show in Sao Paulo or developing the latest app in San Francisco to congratulate them on their efforts and contributions to the Canadian artistic and fashion industry. It’s actually crazy to think that these awards only began three years ago but I can assure you that nothing about them are amateur in the least bit.

I’ve been closely monitoring the awards (a.k.a going through every single photo that gets posted in the days and weeks afterwards) since it’s inception and although this year I was fortunate to attend the afterparty and not the actual awards, I can only imagine how spectacular and inspiring the show was. With 2016 winners like Greta Constantine for The Womenswear Designer of the Year Award, UNTTLD for The Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent, Fashion and The Coveteur for The Fashion Blogger of the Year Award – how could it not be good?

sephora touch upsselfiecafa after party 2016
Sephora Canada through the afterparty and for a bunch of guys and gals coming in after a great show, Sephora had big shoes to fill and boy did they not disappoint! The music, the vibe, the makeup touch-ups and a huge photo booth with massive selfie lighting – it was a damn good time.

chairtimesephora canada cafa after party

Me and Tiara Pell, Sephora Collection National Trainer
The lighting was so dark inside (other than the photobooth/selfie section) but I was obsessed with my dress! Fun fact, this was a purchase from several years ago at H&M and it was a size too big but I brought it to a seamstress to have it altered to my body! It was a great sale find that will now be my go-to for more formal events.. I love it – I feel like Cleopatra in it haha!

CAFA SephoraDress, H&M | Shoes + Purse, Zara | Watch, Michael Kors via Nordstrom
Hair extensions, Stephie Beauty | Install + Style, Shashu Hair
..and a huge thank you to the great people at NKPR for allowing me to cover the afterparty!