Cabin Fever


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Hi everyone! I’m writing this from the SATA Lounge in Ponta Delgada, São Miguel – my flight is in a couple of hours and although I am pretty bummed to be ending my vacation, I am really excited to get back home. I am *slightly* over travelling right now? There I said it! Well c’mon 10 days solo will do that to you right?! For now until I unpack my suitcase and my passport gets thrown in the back of the closet and I start to feel airport withdrawals…

But for now, I am ready for my home, my bed, a warm 40 minute shower and all of the greedy, indulgent, first-world pleasures that I’ve been missing. I’ll do a full Portugal/Azores scrapbook post very soon, pinkie promise!

E and I shot these photos a couple of days before I left and just looking at them I am freezing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still “Winter” in Portugal but 16 degrees is very different than -7 and I am pretty sure the weather was hovering in an around that when we shot these. I am pleased with how they turned out, considering I had to take “runny nose breaks” hahaha everything for the shot.

Cabin FeverCabin Fever

Photos via Epiphany Explores
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