Bralettes for DD’s


Yep, you read that title correctly.. Bralettes for DD’s! I’m not gonna lie, my boobies are the ultimate gift and CURSE. They are large for my slender frame, not fake so they don’t sit up nicely and overall they can be a huge pain in my ass.

OH and every gal knows the joys of going bra-free or even underwire free, except for bigger chested honeys. Yeah those cute vintage tanks in the summer where you show a bit of nipple – yeah, not my life. People would probably A) Ask me how many children I’ve had OR B) Run in the opposite direction… Seriously!

SO, where does that leave me? Sometimes I just don’t want to wear a freakin’ bra, that’s it… but I don’t want my boobs going south either! And let’s be frank, when you’re heavy-set, having absolutely nothing can be painful also.


Bralettes are great – they give you just enough support to keep people from awkwardly staring and a teeny bit of freedom to where you actually feel like a normal B-cup wearing woman (or at least that’s the feeling that I get).


Not all bralettes are the same and frankly a lot of them are a joke or they’re TOO big for my frame, so here are a couple that I’ve found online (like this one!!) and from my Instafam to help me out and hopefully you too!

Do you wear bralettes? If so, where do you find them??? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!