Bodysuits ft. Marciano


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4th of july outfit

Do you ever buy something and not wear it until YEARS later? Yep, me here! This bodysuit I bought on the biggest shopping WHIM ever.. I had friends coming to town, so obvi I wanted to stunt and thought this beautiful lace-up bodysuit from Marciano (in addition to a lovely floral blazer) was the perfect pick.


The weekend came and WENT and this baby still had the tag on it (LOL!). I wanted to wear it.. I really did but I just didn’t feel it – y’know? Everytime I went to put it on, it just wasn’t right and the glow that I wanted.. the glow that I felt when I bought it was gone with the wind.

Maybe I didn’t have the right co-stars..? When I was shoot prepping and trying to inject a bit of flirty summer inspo – I reached for her. This time, it worked and it freakin’ ROCKED. The Gucci belt, the skin-tight denim, hot white slingbacks, fire orange lipstick, hoochie hoops and clear aviators for a bit of an edge.. AHH AT LAST! This is the ‘fit that I was waiting for.

So tell me on Insta, what’s still sitting in your closet with the tags on?