Sexy bloggers! Huh?!


all black everythingsam edelman boots
Question… How come fashion bloggers never dress sexy? Didn’t see that one coming did ya now hahaa… Well, to be honest it’s a question that I always used to ask myself when I was on the outside looking in.

OOTD’s and WIW’s are great but why was there never an element of sex appeal, allure or glamour? Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean your favourite sequin bandage dress from 2006 that you pull out on ladies night or those levi’s cutoffs that are extremely cutoff. I mean that dress with a bit of tasteful cleavage, the skin tight jeans that you pair with your favourite bodysuit, the crop that you wear with culottes on your blog but you really wear them with a form fitting mini skirt in real life…

red lipstickblack leather
It’s a question that I totally forgot about really until I recently saw a comment on another bloggers Instagram page saying.. “Yes! I love a blogger that’s not afraid to look sexy”, and I couldn’t have agreed more. As I mentioned earlier in the year, its important to me to keep my content curated, maintain a high level of quality and most importantly ensure that it is undoubtedly authentic. Which we all know can falter once a blogger reaches a certain level but within that authenticity, it needs to reflect who I am both online and in real life.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to shoot this outfit at all, maybe it was something I was would wear out in the real world but never capture on camera and to be honest, that didn’t feel right. I kinda love this outfit and it’s been on heavy rotation lately, thus it should be on the blog – because this is part of my style. The ease, comfiness and sexiness of this outfit I love.. like a lot!

st lawerence market

What’s your opinion on fashion bloggers looking sexy or being a bit more risque? Do you prefer daytime wear before 5pm outfits or would prefer a bit of variety?
Tell me in the comments below!

Photography by Michael Chau
Jacket (Old, similar here) | Top & Bottoms | Boots | Purse | Sunglasses | Foundation | Powder | Highlighter | Lipstick | Blush | Brows