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First off, who remembers the Blackout album from Britney Spears? This was definitely when she was passed her “peak” but it was by far one of my favourite albums from her (just kidding, I loved them all). Maybe because the production was different..? Examples would be Sean Garrett (Beyonce – Upgrade U), The Neptunes (Jay-Z – Frontin’) & Keri Hilson (Pussycat Dolls – Wait A Minute). Either way, I can’t hear the term ‘Blackout’ without thinkin’ of the ultimate Queen B!

I live for an all black outfit – I mean let’s be honest, who doesn’t? It was pretty cloudy and dreary that day so my cozy knit sweater, warm bomber jacket, sleek fedora, croc/chain purse and sexy OTK boots was all I really needed. I love staple pieces that don’t come with a designer price point (well, not all of the time – a girls gotta live too!)