Best Travel Apps for iPhone


best travel apps
There’s no surprise that I love to travel but as you probably know, it’s not always rainbows and roses! Missing connecting flights, your luggage being in one country and you’re in another, jet lag and time differences to round it all out. Having handy apps on my phone that make my life easier whether I’m in another town or a different continent… Here are my tried and true travel apps for my iPhone.

This is before you depart, obviously – anyone that knows me, knows that I highly recommend Skyscanner for all of my travel searches.

For all the Type A’s out there, this one is for you! TripIt, is your itinerary app that compiles every event, flight and reservation in one place! There is also a share option to send it to family & friends so they can keep up with you while you’re away.

Hotel Tonight
Hotel Tonight is the best (& cheapest) option for last minute mid-luxe and luxury rooms! Right now, it’s only available in Canada, the United States as well as the UK and it’s categorized by different options like Basic, Luxe and Solid to cover all of your requirements and price points.

XE Currency
The best currency converter in all of the app land – with the Canadian dollar in the crapper, I frequently reach for this app, even at home.

..Chances are you already have yourUber app downloaded and you’re a PRO in your own city. I love Uber at home in TO but I am obsessed with it when I’m abroad – unfortunately, taxi drivers don’t always have the best reputation and when travelling alone, I don’t take any risks.

Uber makes me feel super safe, as I can track the routes they’re taking – how long it’ll take me to get there and no over-charging. If you still haven’t joined the Uber bandwagon – install the app now and get a free ride on me, using promo code ‘uberSimplyShantel’

#SStraveltip: If arriving home at night, ask the driver to wait until you’re safely inside your home – most of the time they’re happy to and that always makes me feel a lot safer.

I swear by Viator when I was in Europe and it hasn’t disappointed me yet! Be sure to search ‘Tours and Attractions’ by date and by highest rating to find what people are enjoying and which events are popular. They frequently have mobile sales as well, so you can save a bit of money just by downloading the app vs going through their desktop site.

Scanner & Translator
Perfect for when you’re in restaurants that don’t have English menus! While it’s not foolproof – it can help you get a good idea for signs, menus, posters etc.

This is a great app for overall travel guides and while there are a ton of apps like that, this one doesn’t require WIFI which is amazing!

Essential when I’m on vacation! To be honest, I barely use Yelp at home but always open it up when I’m abroad. It really helps on vacation when looking for things around you (esp when travelling solo) with filters like accepts credit cards, free wifi and open now – it can guide you to the best places to eat, drink or even party!

A lot of people don’t use Airport Lounges but because I have an AmEx Platinum, I get to take advantage of them quite frequently when I’m travelling. I highly recommend them to anyone whether you have a 30minute connection or much longer. Regardless if you have an AmEx or not, Lounge Buddy provides a comprehensive guide to the lounges in your airport – what they provide, how much etc. Lounges are awesome for a quick bite, comfy couches, a calm atmosphere and some even have spas and showers.

What are some of your favourite travel apps that you swear by? Did I miss any on this list? Tell me in the comments down below!