Best Hats for Large Heads


brixton large head hat

SURPRISE – I’ve got a big head.
Well, that’s subject to opinion because I’ve been told that I don’t – although I certainly act like I do.

This is for a couple of reasons…

1) Migraines
Sorry y’all, I know it’s not sexy or glam but I’m pretty prone to migraines – especially from pressure. Yep, I’m that girl. No tight hats or headbands, no tight hairstyles, no tight hats and noooo pillow fights (blows to the head? – Yeah no thank you! I’ll sit in the corner and watch).

Specifically my weave. As soon as my 1/2 wig, full wig or tracks are installed. My head balloons (in the cutest way possible) and thus my hat size increases.

I scoured the internets for gorgeous hats that are not $350.00 but still allow me to pick my size! Yeah, they’re hard to come by but you’d never guess by my awesome (& growing) hat collection. So I wanted to give you guys some stores and brands for gals like me (hey, we’ve got big hearts too!).

Most hats made for Women hover around the 54cm – 57cm (58cm, if you’re lucky!) size range. Which is slightly too tight for me in the way that feels most comfortable. I’ll try to avoid getting that dreaded line across my forehead as well! I love a smooth 59cm and will go up to 62cm even for a bit of snuggle room depending on how many bundles I got in hahaha!

Are you a hat person? Where’s your fave spot to buy new hats? As always, join me in the comments section!