Battery Park


nyc skylinebattery parkbattery parknyc manhattan

I absolutely love these moody shots that I took in Battery Park just a short walk from The Conrad Hotel during my trip to NYC in April. While Battery Park really isn’t the first place (or the second, or third) neighbourhood in NYC that most think of to stay in – I actually really enjoyed it.

First off, Battery Park is QUIET. If you’re someone who loves the hustle & bustle that NYC brings but also wouldn’t mind turning it down every once in a while, Battery Park (esp on a weekend) is great for you. Mind you, I wasn’t there during a regular M-F, 9-5 week where it would be significantly busy but shiiiiiiit – there was a huge difference from BP to venturing into SoHo, TriBeCa and the West Village, let me tell you! It was like being on the outside, looking in- but in a good way. Hard to explain but if you’ve ever been than you definitely feel me on this one.

Have you ever been to NYC? Which neighbourhood do you prefer to stay in? Let me know, down below!