Bar III Dress and Zara Sandals


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Growing up in the suburbs, I will be the first to admit that all the special hotspots and photographic places in Toronto are still so uncovered to me. I’m so happy that I can still find wonders outside of my backyard – it’s so easy to convince yourself that you’ve done it all and seen it all, so grateful to know that I don’t/haven’t. This masculine, structured iron-like wall is steps away from the man-made beach where I shot this outfit.


On this warm day, I was sick of all the summer basics… Tank tops, t-shirts, short shorts, bright colours etc. So I kept it classy while staying effortless (& cool) in this stunning Bar III dress from Macy’s. I paired it with my trusty Black Zara thick-strapped sandals (that I bought in two colours, obvi) – which is truly my go-to Summer shoe!

Why you ask? Well, it’s open-toe, classic and most of all, freakin’ COMFORTABLE, which is priceless for those long Summer dance-till-dawn nights! Mind you, the colour Black can be tough to stomach when you’re dealing with intense temperatures of 25°C+, so if you don’t even want to deal with all the drama of wearing Black during the Spring/Summer, but crave this chic and timeless look, this dress come in a Pink colour too which is absolutely gorgeous!
I also really liked these two from Macy’s …this one and this one (esp for Autumn/Winter!).

zara croc chain purse black
how to wear black in the summertime

Do you wear Black in the Summer? Or do you avoid it like the Bubonic plague? Tell me in the comments below!

…As always, thanks for stopping by and reading!

Photos by Michael Chau