ASOS Wishlist | 07.10.14


ASOS is my kryptonite. Point blank period. BTW, check out a great ASOS post here! I’ve got a lot of things in the works and also a ton of events this Summer – so naturally an ASOS wishlist is in order…

There’s so much in my shopping bag already lol, its a delicate mix of trendy, sexy, feminine fashion glam and some F/W pieces to make it versatile, of course. I definitely need to stock up on some more key summer pieces, but I feel like once I do the weather will change indefinitely; pray for an Indian Summer, plz! Let me know what you’ve been stalking on ASOS in the comments down below! I keep an eye on everything in my basket and *hopefully* if I’ve waited long enough, my coveted pieces end up going on sale, #WINNING!

Wishing you the happiest of Friday’s and thanks for popping in!