5 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care


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5 Easy ways to practice self care

There is nothing like the beginning of a new season, or month or even week that’ll inspire you to get re-aligned and re-centered. The practise of ‘self-care’ has been such a buzz word over the last couple of years. In this ridiculous insane world that we all live in, it is so freakishly easy to go through each day on cruise control without stopping to indulge, enjoy and simply be at peace.

Even a small exercise as taking 5 whole minutes to stop and take deep breaths, can impact your mood (& health) in amazing ways! So since we’re all back to work, back to school and back to LIFE – I wanted to put together 5 super easy ways to practice Self-Care, whomever you are, wherever you are!

1) Edit your Social Media Feed

2) Sit outside (regardless of the weather) for 10-15 minutes

3) Ask someone you love and trust for help.

4) Write down 5 things that you absolutely love about yourself, then keep it close by for a quick reference when you’re feeling low.

5) Give someone a big hug. Make it good and a bit longer than usual – It feels really good for you and they’ll likely share the sentiment.

…So tell me, what’s your favourite way to take care of yourself?