27 things I’ve learned in 27 years


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I promised you guys on Instagram, a diary post for 2016 as an introduction to the new year and of course, a new age! For those of you who don’t know, I’m a NYE-baby and I turned 27 last year, so I wanted to share a piece of me w/y’all on the 27 things I’ve learned (and that I’m still learning) in my 27 years!

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– Some people look through life with Rose-coloured glasses.. If you don’t – that’s totally okay, but don’t hate them for it – Learn from them, instead
– There are lessons in EVERYTHING/EVERY SITUATION! Whether you like it or can accept it – it’s still there and it’s best to lean into it rather than running from it
– It’s never too late to start anew
– Sometimes you will make decisions that go against the grain from what your friends, family and maybe even society deem acceptable. If you can truly look within and know that it feels right, hold on to that and keep it moving
– Apologies do not guarantee happiness and contentment – that comes from within when you’re ready, willing and conscience of it
– “Own Your Stuff!” via Iyanla Vanzant
– Everyone has vices. Some are light-hearted, some are serious and some are deadly – but everyone has their own
– Most of the time, things are not as they seem. Learn to look at things (and life, in general) with a discerning eye
– Aim to be long and deep with your craft/passion/vocation rather than wide and narrow
– Jack of all trades, Master of none! I stand by this, wholeheartedly
TRAVEL, TRAVEL, TRAVEL – Don’t second guess yourself too much. Just book the flight, enjoy the experience and let that flame burn continuously
– Don’t spend your life perpetually in the “planning stage”. Launch it now, launch it yesterday, launch it for you, launch it for them! You know that saying… “Stop waiting for Friday, for the Summer, for this, for that.”
– Try not to take things too personally – Life is truly short and 99% of things shouldn’t have that kind of power over you
– Drinking Margaritas feels really damn good. Any day, any time, any where!
– Don’t let your birthday bring you down. Be happy that you’ve lived to see another year – pamper yourself and celebrate YOUR life. Don’t look for happiness in others…
– Don’t ignore your skin! You should spend more money on your skincare than your makeup – trust me
– Get your ass up and exercise! Health is wealth – if you don’t have it, you’ll wonder why you took it for granted for so long
– Invest in your platonic relationships! Hang out with your younger sister, go to the spa with your aunts, go for a walk with your father and make quality time for your girlfriends – cultivate your own life outside of your romantic relationship

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LOVE YOURSELF, FIRST. The good, the bad and the ugly – it’s okay because we all have ’em and no one is exempt, pinkie promise
– Don’t expect the world from your partner and vice versa, they’re people too. Beautiful, flawed people – when you invest in other relationships, you’ll find that you’re much more fulfilled and happy
– Work in Sales for a year. You have no idea how it will positively impact almost every area of your life. There is nothing that builds up thick skin, like cold calling hahaha
NEGOTIATE, EVERYTHING! Closed mouths don’t get fed – people are not mind readers and no one knows your value like you do. So ask ask ask and negotiate it all
– It’s not your way or the highway. There are multiple ways to skin a cat (Sorry lol), be open to different solutions and suggestions that aren’t necessarily your way of thinking. You’ll be a more empathetic and considerate person for it
– Never stop working on yourself. Indulge in self-empowerment reading, invest in a therapist, BELIEVE IN SOMETHING – it’s incredibly important and rare to be self-aware
– Traditional education (aka School) does not determine your success and neither do your grades – you, just do you and be the best YOU can be
– Remember, things could ALWAYS be so much worse… Your life is special, YOU are special and each day is always worth living

My biggest takeaway?

Life can be incredibly trying and difficult, but it’s still the most precious thing we will ever be given and that we’ll ever experience. Believe in yourself – know your worth and enjoy the moment. Don’t be too concerned with the future, that you forget what you have right now – the present!

27 things i learned in 27 years


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